Lift off at the Lincoln Art and Balloon Festival

Find live music, good food and a sky full of hot air balloons at the Lincoln Art and Balloon Festival during the last weekend of August.

Mill Around Heritage Days at Prairie Mill in Golden

Golden, Illinois’ Heritage Days and the Sweet Corn Dinner in mid-July celebrates the history of the restored, U.S.-built Prairie Mill.

Wholesome Wave Prescribes New Fresh Produce Health-Care Program

The Wholesome Wave Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to increase production of and access to fresh, locally grown food, is heading to the doctor’s office with the program “Rx for Vegetables.”

Celebrate Fine Art at the Midsummer Arts Faire in Quincy

Spend a leisurely weekend in Washington Park with 52 celebrated artists from around the region at the Midsummer Arts Faire in Quincy.

Peaches at Eckert's Country Store and Farms

Illinois Fruit Calendar: Ripe and Ready for Summer

Illinois is full of fresh fruits that are ripe and ready to be picked. Check out this list of which fruits are in season this summer.

Midsommar Festival Swedish Days in Geneva

Ever tried your hand at rosemaling? The annual Midsommar Festival Swedish Days in Geneva is a great opportunity to give it a try.

Beer, BBQ, and Blues Festival in Freeport

The 8th annual Brats, Beer and Blues Festival at the Freeport Art Museum offers a way to enjoy the summer than with brats, beer and blues.

Illinois State Fair in Springfield

Illinois State Fair: Food, Fun and a Cow Made of Butter

More than 600,000 visitors from all over the state find themselves in Springfield in late August each year for games and rides, arts and crafts, agriculture competitions, and live entertainment at the Illinois State Fair.

How to Preserve Fresh Flowers

A vase of cut flowers may be beautiful, but they will only last a few days. To enjoy those summer flowers through the winter months, try some of these preservation techniques.

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Soups For All Seasons

Whether you’re looking for a recipe to warm up those cold winter days or a dinner idea that will keep you cool on hot summer nights, these hearty soups have something everyone will like. These recipes include Squash and Sausage Soup, Creamy Tomato Basil Soup, Carrot and Ginger Soup, Garden Vegetable Soup, Quick and Easy Turkey Noodle Soup, Gazpacho, Chilled Melon Soup, Lemon Artichoke Soup and more.


Veg Out: Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

No meat? No problem! Here are some of our favorite vegetarian-friendly dinner ideas that are sure to satisfy even the biggest appetites. These recipes include Mediterranean Spinach Quiche, Baked Stuffed Acorn Squash, Stuffed Peppers, Eggplant, Mozzarella and Pesto Gratins and Farmers Market Stir-Fry.


Recipes That Are Perfect For a Picnic

Grab that red and white checkered blanket and head outside. We’ve got a collection of flavorful recipes to fill your picnic basket and satisfy your appetite. From Salmon Caesar Wraps and Toasted Turkey and Brie Sandwiches to Easy Salt Pickles, Watermelon Tomato Salad and a delicious Summer Slaw.

Creeping red thyme used here between flagstone helps soften a patio area.

A Brief History of Thyme (and How to Grow It)

Thyme is a hardy perennial in Illinois. There are more than 100 species from which to choose, ranging from a couple inches tall to 15 inches.

How to Apply for RIMSAP

The Illinois State Medical Society and Illinois Farm Bureau’s Rural Illinois Medical Student Assistance Program (RIMSAP) have helped 800-plus would-be doctors gain admittance to the University of Illinois College of Medicine and/or educational loans. Learn more about RIMSAP here. Participants must specialize in a primary health field and practice in an approved rural Illinois community…

RIMSAP student Dr. Nicole Kennedy

Rural Illinois Medical Assistance Program Fosters Caregivers

RIMSAP, founded in 1948, provides recommendations and low-interest loans for prospective rural Illinois doctors.

Meat Man Parfait at the Illinois State Fair

Unique Fare at the Illinois State Fair

Midstate Meat Company took last year’s Illinois State Fair by storm with their Meat Man Parfait – layers of pulled pork, beef brisket and mashed potatoes in a plastic cup, topped with a dollop of potatoes, a drizzle of barbecue sauce and a cherry (tomato) on top.

Get Your Taste of Chicago at Annual Food Festival

Experience an array of exotic, ethnic and local culinary delights at the ten-day Taste of Chicago food festival in Grant Park June 24 – July 3.

Farm Focus: Beef

Sure, corn is popular in Illinois, but did you know that in the Prairie State about 23 percent of farms raise beef cows? Beef up on other fun facts related to the largest segment of U.S. agriculture.

Springfield Farmers Market

Farmers’ Market Finds: Shopping Tips and Recipes

Discover recipes that use those farmers’ market finds, including squash, cucumbers and other summer produce.

Cozy Dog Drive-In in Springfield on Route 66

Cozy Dog Drive-In in Springfield Invented Corn Dogs on a Stick

The origin of corn dogs on a stick has an Illinois connection, tracing its roots to the Cozy Dog Drive-in on Route 66 in Springfield.

Robotic milking Dairy Farm

Udder Delight: Robots Rejuvenate Dairy Farm’s Milking Process

At one Southern Illinois dairy farm, cows are milked at their leisure, instead of the typical twice-a-day schedule.

Lightning Bugs Spark Summer Nostalgia

Chasing fireflies is one of Illinois’ most wholesome and inexpensive forms of entertainment to share with any age.

Bill’s BBQ Serves Up a Taste of Metropolis

One thing most Metropolis citizens have in common is their love for barbecue – specifically Bill’s BBQ, an iconic local eatery that’s been serving hungry customers since 1965.


Travel Illinois: Metropolis

Metropolis is small but mighty when it comes to tourism. Find museums, attractions and more in the self-proclaimed “Hometown of Superman.”

How to Establish Financial Security Through Retirement

Do you want to have money left at the end of your life, or do you want life left at the end of your money?


Mother’s Day Meal for Mom

Add a little originality to Mother’s Day by trying your hand at something homemade. Even if concocting something special in the kitchen isn’t exactly your style, we’ve got a few easy recipes on hand to make the process go smoothly.

Big Bagel Bash in Mattoon

The small breakfast treat called “bagel” is recognized in a huge way each July at Bagelfest in Mattoon.


Farmers Market Recipes

Enjoy the freshness of your local farmers’ fare with a few of these surprisingly easy treats. Recipes include Eggplant, Mozzarella and Pest Gratins, stuffed peppers, gazpacho and a zucchini and corn salad.