Wheat Weaving

Wheat 101

Find facts about today’s Illinois wheat industry and its history.

Farm Facts: Sheep

Farm Focus: Sheep

Learn fun facts about sheep and Illinois’ sheep sector.

Farm Facts Bees

Farm Focus: Honey

Learn interesting facts about bees and why they’re an important aspect of agriculture.

Peach Facts

Farm Focus: Peaches

Learn interesting facts about peaches and the different types grown in Illinois.

Facts about strawberries

Farm Facts About Strawberries

Learn interesting statistics and facts about strawberries.

Nursery Industry in Illinois

Farm Focus: Nursery Sector

Illinois’ nursery sector contributes significantly to their economy.

Farm Focus: Turkey

Farm Focus: Turkey

Did you know Illinois farmers produce close to 3 million turkeys per year? Learn more facts about turkey.

Field Corn Facts

Farm Focus: Field Corn

Learn fun facts about Illinois’ top agricultural commodity – field corn.

Farm Facts: Melons

Farm Facts: Melons

Did you know that farmers in Illinois and Indiana grow more than 7,500 acres of watermelons? Learn more melon facts.

Baby Calf Facts

Learn baby calf facts, including how much they weigh at birth and how many are born in Illinois each year.

Illinois Soybeans

Farm Focus: Soybeans

Did you know that Illinois ranks second in the nation for soybean production?

Farm Focus: Hay

Farm Focus: Hay

Get the facts on hay – and important Illinois crop for feeding livestock.

Garlic Farm Facts

Farm Focus: Garlic

Did you know that one of the most flavorful seasonings, garlic, is both a vegetable and an herb? Discover more fun facts and tips about garlic.

Apple Facts and Recipes

Apple Facts and Recipes for the Fall Harvest

Celebrate the fall apple harvest with delicious recipes and interesting facts about this all-American fruit.

Linda Drendel feeds a calf at her dairy farm in Hampshire, Illinois

A Dairy Farmer Answers: Hormones, Antibiotics and Cow-Tipping

Dairy farmer Linda Drendel answers questions from Chicago-area moms about antibiotics and hormones in milk and how she cares for calves.


Farm Focus: Apples

Illinois’ official state fruit is the goldrush apple – a long-keeping, sweet and tart variety with a rich, spicy flavor. Read on for more apple fun facts.

Cow tipping and other farming myths

Debunk Farming Myths During Illinois Farming Month

March is Illinois Farming Month, and we’re celebrating the industry by finding the truth behind some common farming tall tales.

Illinois Wineries, Shawnee Hills Wine Trail

Farm Focus: Wineries

Did you know Illinois is home to 91 wineries and 450 vineyards encompassing 1,115 acres of grapes across the state? Learn more about wine and wineries with these fun facts.

Farm Facts: Mad About Mistletoe

Facts and trivia about the season’s romantic plant: mistletoe.

turkey facts

Turkey Trivia From Bird Brains to ‘Birdzilla’

An estimated 88 percent of Americans surveyed still serve turkey for Thanksgiving. But do you know your turkey, really? Chew on this turkey trivia.


Farm Focus: Potatoes

The potato is the most important non-cereal crop for feeding the world, ranking behind corn, wheat and rice. Here are some more interesting trivia and fun facts about potatoes.


Why Leaves Change Color in the Fall

How do they do that? How do leaves that have been green all summer transform to red, yellow, gold or orange in the autumn?

Pumpkins grow in a pumpkin patch

Farm Facts: Pumpkins

More than 1 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced in the the United States each year, and more than 495 million of those pounds are grown in Illinois. These are more facts about pumpkins.

Peaches at Eckert's Country Store and Farms

Illinois Fruit Calendar: Ripe and Ready for Summer

Illinois is full of fresh fruits that are ripe and ready to be picked. Check out this list of which fruits are in season this summer.

Farm Focus: Beef

Sure, corn is popular in Illinois, but did you know that in the Prairie State about 23 percent of farms raise beef cows? Beef up on other fun facts related to the largest segment of U.S. agriculture.

Cows at a Dairy Farm in Greenville, Illinois

Dairy Farm Fun Facts

Did you know? A cow is more valuable for its milk, cheese, butter and yogurt than for its beef.

Field Corn and Sweet Corn: What’s the Difference?

Corn covers more of Illinois’ farmland than any other crop, yet you’ll need to find a backyard garden for some corn on the cob.

What Is Ethanol and Its Connection to Corn?

We all see the signs for ethanol at our gas pumps, but do you know how ethanol comes is made?

Cornfield in Illinois - September

Corn by the Numbers

Learn fun facts and farmer statistics about corn, such as the size of a bushel of corn.

Wool Comes From Many Animal Breeds

Sheep are the most prevalent producers of wool, though it also comes from rabbits, goats and alpacas.

Colored Pencils

Farm Products Found in Everyday Items

Farm animals and plants contribute to many things Americans rely on or come into contact with nearly every day.

The Smokey Pig in Martinsville, VA, is said to have the best ribs in all of Martinsville.

Farm Focus: Pork

As the world’s most widely eaten meat, pork is something to celebrate – which may be why October is declared National Pork Month.

Wheat fields in Illinois

Wheat Fast Facts

Wheat has long been one of the most important crops in the world, with millions of acres devoted to wheat production.

Day-old chicks are kept under a heat lamp at Dennis and JoAnn Dickman's farm in Herscher, IL. According to the Dickmans, the pastured chickens mature faster a bigger than normal store-bought chickens.

Spring Chicken: Fun Facts About Chickens

Quick, fun facts about chickens and eggs.


Growing Asparagus Takes Patience

If you’re starting asparagus in your garden this year, remember that you’ll have to wait three years after planting for your first crop.


Farm Fresh: Winter Squash

When the weather gets cold and the traditional fruits of summer are out of season, winter squash can be a delicious and healthy option.