tips for the aging gardener

Tips for the Aging Gardener

Grow old with your garden with tips to make the work easier.

Growing Asparagus

Prep Your Garden for Amazing Asparagus

For growing asparagus, prep your ground in the fall to enjoy this edible hedge for springs to come.

Pollinators in the garden

The Birds and the Bees: Pollinators Benefit Home Gardens

A plethora of pollinators, including bees, butterflies and birds, can help home gardens flourish.

The Beetle Battle

Pests and misconceptions can be equally devastating to agriculture.

beginner garden

Beginner Gardening Success

Tips for newbie vegetable gardeners.

Cool Weather Gardening

Cool Weather Gardening Tips

Take a look at helpful gardening tips from the University of Illinois extension for when the weather turns cooler.

Choosing a Christmas Tree

How to Choose and Plant a Live Christmas Tree

Want a real tree this holiday? Try your hand at planting your own live Christmas tree.

Sensational Susans

Sensational Susans Are a Perennial Delight

Yellow flowers, like the black-eyed Susan and its cousins, can be a perennial delight.

Illinois Moon Gardens

Marvelous Moon Gardens

Learn which Illinois plants show up for the night shift

Cottage garden

How to Grow a Modern-Day Cottage Garden

What is a modern cottage garden, and what are the plants grown there? Compact, colorful, fragrant, informal and utilitarian are all adjectives used to describe cottage gardens.

Shade Garden, Tree

How to Plant a Shade Garden

Learn the difference between partial shade, full shade and deep shade – and which plants thrive in each.

Fertilizer Facts for your Garden

Fertilizer Facts For Your Garden

Organic or synthetic? Fertilizer facts help gardeners decide which is best for their plants.

The Garden Journal: The Essentials by Liane Doxey

Grow a Green Thumb with The Garden Journal: The Essentials

Take the guesswork out of gardening with Liane Doxey’s helpful book, The Garden Journal: The Essentials.


6 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid some common mistakes we gardeners make that result in a lot of extra work.

winter flowers

Calculating Plants: Use Math to Plan and Grow Your Garden

Dig up those arithmetic skills to help plan a successful garden.

Fruit trees

Fruit Trees: Which Varieties Grow Well in Illinois?

If you’re a home gardener who is interested in fruit trees, make sure you pick a species that will do well in the Illinois climate.

Chicago Community Gardens

Chicago Neighborhood Gardens Grow Veggies, Community Spirit

More than 600 community gardens across Chicago have sprouted green space in urban areas to grow fresh produce in the city.

Protect Your Plants From Frost

Most of the spring plants in your yard and garden require protection when overnight frost is predicted. Here are a few methods for sheltering plants in garden beds.


Farm Facts: Evergreens

This winter, swap out your artificial tree for an evergreen variety.

rosemary plants

Rosemary, a Versatile Winter Herb

Rosemary, a perennial evergreen shrub, can easily be grown in a home or garage during the winter months. The key is to make sure the area is cool and moist.


Mulch or Cover Outdoor Plants This Winter

When the temperature drops, don’t forget to take care of your outdoor plants so they will be healthy when spring comes. Here are some tips for protecting your plants in the winter.

The Seasons of a Gardener

During the span of our gardening careers, what piques our interest is constantly evolving. Where are you on your horticultural journey?

Protecting Your Perennials

Caring for your perennials in the cool weather months is key in ensuring healthy buds in the spring. Tips on whether or not to cut back your perennials.

Gardening definitions

Garden Speak: Understanding Botanary

Have you ever been around a group of gardeners who seem to be talking in a foreign language? Here are some of the more common terms, starting with botanary, which is short for botanical dictionary.

How to Preserve Fresh Flowers

A vase of cut flowers may be beautiful, but they will only last a few days. To enjoy those summer flowers through the winter months, try some of these preservation techniques.

Creeping red thyme used here between flagstone helps soften a patio area.

A Brief History of Thyme (and How to Grow It)

Thyme is a hardy perennial in Illinois. There are more than 100 species from which to choose, ranging from a couple inches tall to 15 inches.

broccoli plants grow in a spring garden

When to Plant Springtime Vegetables

Learn what vegetables can be planted early in the season.


Houseplant History

Determine the decade by plant fads.

Understanding Seed Catalogs

Here are three quick tips to help make sense of seed catalogs

How To Grow Herbs Indoors

To enjoy fresh herbs year-round, consider indoor herb gardening.

Container flower gardens contain "thrillers" or tall plants. "fillers" to fill the space and "spillers" to cascade out of the container. This pot uses Lillies, verbena and sedum.

Container Garden Excitement

When your only space is a deck or patio, container gardening is for you.

Triple Crown Town

How to Grow Great Grass

This summer, manage your lawn like a pro.

Raised bed gardens grow in popularity.

Raised Beds Grow in Popularity

Try building a raised-bed garden, which is simply a garden built on top of your native soil.

Taste NC

3 Ways To Preserve Tomatoes

One of summer’s tastiest gifts is a basket of juicy ripe tomatoes fresh from the vine. With a day’s work and a little know-how, you can enjoy your bounty of summer tomatoes year-round.

Kikko Blue Hydrangeas

When Your Garden is Feeling a Bit Blue

True blue flowers can be tricky to find.

Azalea in Bloom at Honor Heights Park.

Picture-Perfect Azaleas

Three planting tips for beautiful flowers this summer.

Guerilla gardening

Guerilla Gardens Replace Eyesores

Guerilla gardeners take action to clean up – and beautify – their communities.


Lasagna Gardening Layers It On Thick

Lasagna gardening is organic, earth-friendly and most importantly, incredibly easy.

sweet potatoes

Home-Grown Sweet Potatoes

Learn how to plant a sweet potato.

The 434-acre North Carolina Arboretum (100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way) is bounded by the mountains and graced by 1.8 miles of the Bent Creek stream.

Pinching and Deadheading Your Plants

The gardening methods of pinching and deadheading sound a little mean, don’t they? But while they sound a little harsh, both methods can greatly improve a plant’s appearance.


How to Garden on the Cheap

Tips for adding beauty to your landscape without emptying your wallet.


Growing Asparagus Takes Patience

If you’re starting asparagus in your garden this year, remember that you’ll have to wait three years after planting for your first crop.


My Own Garden Masterpiece

Artistic skills bloom in the garden.


Compost: A Gardener’s Black Gold

Use what’s in your yard to create your own compost