Wheat Weaving

Wheat Weaving Glossary

Learn terms used in the art of weaving wheat.

wheat weaving

Artwork Woven in Wheat

Craft weaves together grain, history and friendships.


Made in Illinois: PieBox

Learn more about PieBox, a Chicago-based product made to easily transport the popular dessert.

Illinois Fishing

5 Favorite Lakes for Fishing in Illinois

A district fisheries biologist recommends his top five favorite fishing holes in Illinois.

Illinois Fishing

Illinois Fish Hatcheries Keep Waters Stocked for Fishermen

Illinois fish hatcheries ensure plenty of bass, crappie, muskie and others for fishermen in rivers and lakes. Learn how fish are bred by biologists and how the state’s waters are stocked.


A Haven for Hummingbirds

Learn how to attract hummingbirds to your yard with these simple tips.

Geneseo Art League

Art Appreciation at the Geneseo Art League

The Geneseo Art League helps foster the arts in the community of the small northwestern Illinois town.

Memory Lane Crafting Retreat

A Trip Down Memory Lane Crafting Retreat

Orangeville woman turns father’s farm into a crafters’ oasis – Memory Lane Crafting Retreat.

Snowshoeing at the Morton Arboretum

Snow Day at Morton Arboretum

Head to Morton Arboretum in Lisle for a day filled with fun winter activities, such as snowshoeing.

Lotta Corks

Cork Creations from Lotta Corks

Discover vineyard-inspired home decor from Gillespie-based company, Lotta Corks.

Gob Hill Motorsports Park

Motorsport Mountain at Gob Hill

An old coal processing facility at Gob Hill in Northwestern Illinois has been turned into Atkinson Motorsports Park, an ATV lover’s dream.

biking in spring in illinois

When Spring Has Sprung in Illinois

How Illinois residents celebrate the arrival of springtime.

Ed Barsotti, age 43, the Executive Director of the League of Illinois Bicyclists, advises municipalities across the state and is a lobbyist to government about bike issues. He rides at Waubonsie Lake Park, part of the Fox Valley Parks District, in Aurora.

Recreational Bikers Enjoy Illinois Trail Mix

Illinois cyclists can cruise dozen of trail options throughout the state.

The Garden Journal: The Essentials by Liane Doxey

Grow a Green Thumb with The Garden Journal: The Essentials

Take the guesswork out of gardening with Liane Doxey’s helpful book, The Garden Journal: The Essentials.

Top Shelf Replicas in Ridge Farm

Young Farmer Builds Toy Hobby Into a Business

Sixth-generation farmer Alan Chesnut founded Top Shelf Replicas, an independent manufacturer of die-cast collectibles.

1,000 Tree Planting Project, Tom Sisulak, Tree, Planting, Seeds

1,000 Tree Project Plants Seeds, Good Deeds

The 1,000 Tree Planting Project is an all-volunteer effort to plant 1,000 trees on one day every fall in the village of Riverside.

Chicago Community Gardens

Chicago Neighborhood Gardens Grow Veggies, Community Spirit

More than 600 community gardens across Chicago have sprouted green space in urban areas to grow fresh produce in the city.

Board Game Fever

The boxed entertainment of board games brings laughter and family together on cold winter nights.

Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Recent research has shown that providing garden birds extra food during cold months helps ensure a more successful breeding season in the springtime.


Eagle Eyes on Southwestern Illinois

Visitors to Southwestern Illinois look toward the skies each winter to spot bald eagles.

Brian Willis, Wood Carving, chainsaw, Granite City

Chainsaw Artist Carves ‘Designer’ Firewood

Chainsaw artist Brian Willis transforms tree stumps, logs and firewood into artwork for homes and yards.

Baker’s Memorial Fun Fly

Watch the weekend fly by at Baker’s Memorial Fun Fly, during which the Freeport Radio Control Modelers Club pilot radio-controlled model airplanes all day.

Michael Zecher's photographs

Illinois Photographer Michael Zecher Pictures Farms in the Best Light

Agriculture inspired Mercer County farmer and photographer Michael Zecher to go into professional photography – and it also cultivated his career.

Naperville, Illinois Mural

Murals Add Color and Character to Cities Across Illinois

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Illinois is like an open book just waiting to be read, thanks to the creative and often historical murals that add beauty to buildings across the state.

Rick Frels

Hillsdale Woodcarver Creates Intricate Art

Rick Frels found his calling in woodcarving.

Wool Comes From Many Animal Breeds

Sheep are the most prevalent producers of wool, though it also comes from rabbits, goats and alpacas.

Natasha Lehrer, age 21, of Aurora, Illinois, uses a needle to stiffen and intertwine the fibers in a process known as felting to make a flower that will become a pin. She founded Esther's Place Fiber Arts Studio when she was 19-years-old with the help of her parents.

Weaving Farm Upbringing and Love of Fiber Arts at Esther’s Place

Natasha Lehrer, a 22-year-old from Big Rock, Illinois in Kane County is the owner of Esther’s Place Fiber Arts Studio, a business she started in a restored Victorian home when she was 18.

Understanding Seed Catalogs

Here are three quick tips to help make sense of seed catalogs

The expansive grass at Wrigley Filed as seen from upper deck. The groundskeepers at Wrigley Field, in Chicago, home of the Cubs, are among the best qualified to give lawn care tips because they have to deal with keeping grass healthy every day.

Cubs Groundskeeper Plays Key Position

Roger Baird, the groundskeeper for the Chicago Cubs, takes his lawn care seriously. He knows he has a team depending on lush, green grass not to trip them up on the way to making a tough catch.

Children’s Book: Our Generous Garden

Children’s book teaches kids where their food really comes from.

Old-fashioned window lettering hints at the treasures waiting within Yesterday's Antiques.

Trash or Treasure at the Galesburg Antique Mall

Tips for a smart start to antique shopping.

Azalea in Bloom at Honor Heights Park.

Picture-Perfect Azaleas

Three planting tips for beautiful flowers this summer.


Lipizzans Have an Air About Them

High-jumping Lipizzan stallions date back to royal beginnings. Tempel Farms in Wadsworth, a northwest suburb of Chicago, is the only place in the United States where the rare, white Lipizzan stallions are bred and trained, then perform.


Cozy Up to a Good Book From an Illinois Author

When the weather turns frigid, warm up with an Illinois title.