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Pease’s Fine Candies Please

Satisfy your sweet tooth with treats from Pease’s Fine Candies in Springfield.

galena kandy kitchen

5 Favorite Fudge Shops in Illinois

Find Illinois-made fudge and other candies at these sweet stops across the state.

Julie's Corner Store

Julie’s Corner Store is Charming, Creative

Julie’s Corner Store in Lacon is a must-see (and taste) attraction.

Illinois apple orchard

Wolfe Orchard Apple Growers are Experts to the Core

Apple growers at Wolfe Orchard in Monticello harvest both popular and heirloom varieties in their orchard.


Made in Illinois: PieBox

Learn more about PieBox, a Chicago-based product made to easily transport the popular dessert.

Jimmy B's Super Salsa

Made in Illinois: Jimmy B’s Super Salsa

Jimmy B’s Super Salsa, bursting with fresh ingredients, is made locally in Springfield, Ill.

Sausage Grilling Tips

Sausage Grilling Tips and Trends

See sausage grilling tips and trends from the owners of Gene’s Sausage Shop in Chicago.

Chicago Sausage

Chicago-Area Sausage Makers Showcase Links to the Old World

Chicago sausage makers, like those at Gene’s Sausage Shop, showcase old techniques and recipes.

Castle Finn Vineyard and Winery

Castle Finn Vineyard and Winery Fun in Marshall

Visit Marshall, Ill. for scenic views and exciting events at Castle Finn Vineyard and Winery.

In Good Taste

Made in Illinois: In Good Taste

Visit Taylorville, Ill., for sweet treats from In Good Taste candy shop.

Illinois Pumpkins

Illinois: The Great Pumpkin State

Illinois leads the nation in production of both ornamental and processing pumpkins


Say Cheesecake at Eli’s in Chicago

Enjoy a slice from Eli’s Cheesecake in Chicago.

Illinois Chowder

Chow Down on Illinois Chowder

Enjoy hearty soup at a Southeastern Illinois “chowder,” which, in this region, refers to a social gathering where the dish is made and served.

Leepy's Country Gourmet Foods - Home Canned Illinois Products

Leepy’s Serves Locavores With Home-Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Leepy’s Country Gourmet Foods offers a wide variety of canned products – pickles, relishes, jellies and more – sold at local farmers’ markets.

Illinois Partners Summer 2012 Maggie's munchies

Maggie’s Munchies: These Treats are for the Dogs

Maggie’s Munchies in Park Ridge, Illinois, offers a wide selection of freshly baked, preservative-free dog treats with no artificial flavors or colors.

Illinois Horseradish Farmer Jeff Heepke, Edwardsville, IL

Southwest Illinois: Horseradish Capital of America

Nationwide, roughly 24 million pounds of horseradish roots are ground and processed each year to produce some 6 million gallons of prepared horseradish. Illinois grows the lion’s share.


Give the Gift of Riley’s in Pittsfield

Spice up your meals with Riley’s Seasonings and Spices from Pittsfield.


The Gift of Illinois Foods

Looking for last-minute holiday gifts? Buy local for holiday presents. There are some great gift ideas made in Illinois.

Piron Chocolates

Belgian Chocolatier Piron Makes a Sweet Gift Idea

This holiday season, give the gift of handmade Belgian chocolates from a Chicago area chocolatier.

Central Illinois, Tuscola, Central Illinois town of Tuscola, Ann Flesor Beck, Devon Flesor Nau, Flesor's Candy Kitchen

Sweet Reunion at Century-Old Flesor’s Candy Kitchen

Flesor’s Candy Kitchen is a return destination for anyone looking for a taste of small-town Illinois.

Winecrisp Apples are a new Illinois variety

WineCrisp Apples Are a New Illinois Variety

WineCrisp, a newly developed variety of dessert apple, has been in the making for more than 20 years by plant breeders from three universities, Rutgers, Purdue and the University of Illinois.

Get an Education in Local Food at Illinois Community Colleges

Six community colleges across Illinois offer courses and training programs to prepare students for careers working in the local food sector.

Meat Man Parfait at the Illinois State Fair

Unique Fare at the Illinois State Fair

Midstate Meat Company took last year’s Illinois State Fair by storm with their Meat Man Parfait – layers of pulled pork, beef brisket and mashed potatoes in a plastic cup, topped with a dollop of potatoes, a drizzle of barbecue sauce and a cherry (tomato) on top.

B's Country Special Soy Snacks

Mix It Up With B’s Country Special Soy Snacks

B’s Country Special in Abingdon creates soybean-rich snack mixes.


The Dish on Good Pasta

Pasta Alley in Decatur offers 40 pasta flavors.

Southern Illinois' Shawnee Hills region is ripe for a wine-lover's weekend.

Adventures in Vino Across Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois’ Shawnee Hills region is ripe for a wine-lover’s weekend.

With more than 100 years of candy-making experience, the folks at Pease’s Fine Candies & Salted Nuts in Springfield know how to satisfy even the most refined sweet tooth.

Springfield’s Sweet Pease

Taste delicious candies at Pease’s in Springfield.