Fireplace Safety

Fireplace Safety First

Find fireplace safety tips for when you want to curl up during the winter months.

Illinois Transportation

Town & Country Partners: Rails, Rivers and Roads

Listen to a Town & Country Partners radio segment on the importance of Illinois infrastructure.

Memory Lane Crafting Retreat

Town & Country Partners: Memory Lane Crafting Retreat

Listen to Memory Lane Crafting Retreat owner, Patti Hanson, on Town & Country Partners radio.

Illinois Moon Gardens

Town & Country Partners: Moon Gardens

Listen to a short “Town & Country Partners” radio segment on moon gardens.

RFD Radio - Town and Country Partners - Illinois Farm Bureau

RFD Today’s “Town & Country Partners” Radio Show

Find a schedule and list of radio affiliates airing the “Town & Country Partners” segment on the “RFD Today” radio show. It features discussion on the farms, foods and finds featured in the magazine.

Sharon Covert at the Lincoln Park Zoo's Farm in the Zoo soybean exhibit June 2009. Photo Ken Kashian

Town & Country Partners: Soy and Sustainability

Listen to a segment of “Town & Country Partners” radio that discusses the use of soybeans for sustainability.

A Win for Winterization

Discover environmentally-friendly, soy-based products to use for winterization this year.

Schutz Farms

Town & Country Partners: Schutz Farm

Listen to a “Town & Country Partners” radio segment featuring the Schutz family farm.

Illinois Pumpkins

Town & Country Partners: Ackerman Farms

Listen to a “Town & Country Partners” radio segment featuring pumpkin grower John Ackerman of Ackerman Farms.

4 Budget Plans to Improve Your Savings

Do you ever ask yourself where your money went and why you haven’t saved more than last year? Here are four simple steps to take to use a budget to improve your savings.


6 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid some common mistakes we gardeners make that result in a lot of extra work.

Snow Safety Tips

Snow Safety Tips

Project Skipper, a nonprofit organization based in Waterloo, teaches both kids and adults about ice and snow safety during winter months.

Tips to Make Your Carved Pumpkin Last

Tips to Make Your Pumpkin Last

Learn helpful tips to keep your creative jack-o’-lantern fresh for up to 10 days.

3 Ways to Preserve Produce

3 Ways to Preserve Produce

Learn how to help your fruits and vegetables last longer with three tips on preserving produce.


MarketMaker Grows Farmers Market Resource

MarketMaker, a University of Illinois Extension online marketing program, is growing and adding new features to better serve both farmers and consumers.

Feeding Food Deserts

Feeding Food Deserts: New Initiative Works to Identify Communities Without Access to Healthy Food

A new initiative has mapped low-income communities without ready access to healthy and affordable food across the state. Find out if you’re near one of these food deserts with a locator tool by the USDA.

Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Recent research has shown that providing garden birds extra food during cold months helps ensure a more successful breeding season in the springtime.

Winter Road Safety Tips

Road Rules for Winter Weather

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind if you have to get behind the wheel during icy or snowy weather.


Mulch or Cover Outdoor Plants This Winter

When the temperature drops, don’t forget to take care of your outdoor plants so they will be healthy when spring comes. Here are some tips for protecting your plants in the winter.

Animal science

20 Ag Careers That May Surprise You

Not everyone involved in agriculture works on a farm. In fact, biochemists, biophysicists, veterinarians and environmental engineers are in high demand.

Protecting Your Perennials

Caring for your perennials in the cool weather months is key in ensuring healthy buds in the spring. Tips on whether or not to cut back your perennials.

Fall leaves - lawn care

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Proper lawn care in early fall means a healthier lawn in the spring. Tips for taking care of your lawn before the winter months.

How to Preserve Fresh Flowers

A vase of cut flowers may be beautiful, but they will only last a few days. To enjoy those summer flowers through the winter months, try some of these preservation techniques.

Happy Earth Day!

Tips for going green this year.

broccoli plants grow in a spring garden

When to Plant Springtime Vegetables

Learn what vegetables can be planted early in the season.

Video: Kankakee Community College’s Sustainability Center

Learn about the eco-awareness efforts in the works at Kankakee Community College’s new sustainability center in Kankakee, Illinois.

Triple Crown Town

How to Grow Great Grass

This summer, manage your lawn like a pro.

hotel room

5 Tips To Stay Fit During Summer Travel

You don’t have to sacrifice your fitness routine on your summer vacation.

Old-fashioned window lettering hints at the treasures waiting within Yesterday's Antiques.

Trash or Treasure at the Galesburg Antique Mall

Tips for a smart start to antique shopping.


Beware of Wildlife When Driving

Autumn presents wildlife collision dangers for Illinois residents.

Healthy dog running

Caring For Your Pet During the Dog Days of Summer

In the heat of Illinois’ summer, take stock of your own pet’s health and safety with these tips.