Spring Into Healthy Eating With Illinois-Grown Veggies

March 28, 2014

By admin

Few things are quite as refreshing as the sight of tiny green herbs and vegetable plants popping up from the soil after a long, cold winter. Yes, it’s spring, and that means time to hit up your local farmers’ market for some fresh produce and head for the kitchen.

Illinois-grown horseradish and springtime veggies star in this three-course meal.

Healthy eating becomes much easier with the seasonal availability of fresh spring vegetables. Whether you’re having company for dinner or just cooking for the family, this spring menu is sure to please.

Risotto With Peas Recipe

Our Risotto with Peas is as tasty as it is healthy, with Arborio rice, green peas, and minced herbs cooked in white wine and tossed in savory butter and fresh-grated Percorino and Romano cheese.

Orange and Horseradish-Crusted Pork Tenderloin Recipe

For the main course, try our Orange and Horseradish-Crusted Pork Tenderloin. Horseradish is easy to find in Southern Illinois – the region is said to produce 85 percent of the world’s horseradish, and the city of Collinsville proudly calls itself the Horseradish Capital of the World. In this dish, pork tenderloin is rolled in breadcrumbs, spices, and horseradish before being roasted to perfection and topped with a tangy, sweet orange marmalade sauce.

Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Juice Recipe

Roasted Asparagus complements this meal wonderfully and couldn’t be easier to prepare. Asparagus spears are simply coated with olive oil, salted, roasted until tender and drizzled with lemon juice. Enjoy!

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