Facts about strawberries

Farm Facts About Strawberries

Learn interesting statistics and facts about strawberries.

Nursery Industry in Illinois

Farm Focus: Nursery Sector

Illinois’ nursery sector contributes significantly to their economy.

Farm Focus: Turkey

Farm Focus: Turkey

Did you know Illinois farmers produce close to 3 million turkeys per year? Learn more facts about turkey.

Field Corn Facts

Farm Focus: Field Corn

Learn fun facts about Illinois’ top agricultural commodity – field corn.

Farm Facts: Melons

Farm Facts: Melons

Did you know that farmers in Illinois and Indiana grow more than 7,500 acres of watermelons? Learn more melon facts.

Baby Calf Facts

Learn baby calf facts, including how much they weigh at birth and how many are born in Illinois each year.

Farm Focus: Hay

Farm Focus: Hay

Get the facts on hay – and important Illinois crop for feeding livestock.

Garlic Farm Facts

Farm Focus: Garlic

Did you know that one of the most flavorful seasonings, garlic, is both a vegetable and an herb? Discover more fun facts and tips about garlic.


Farm Focus: Apples

Illinois’ official state fruit is the goldrush apple – a long-keeping, sweet and tart variety with a rich, spicy flavor. Read on for more apple fun facts.

Illinois Wineries, Shawnee Hills Wine Trail

Farm Focus: Wineries

Did you know Illinois is home to 91 wineries and 450 vineyards encompassing 1,115 acres of grapes across the state? Learn more about wine and wineries with these fun facts.