Farm Facts Bees

Farm Focus: Honey

Learn interesting facts about bees and why they’re an important aspect of agriculture.

Peach Facts

Farm Focus: Peaches

Learn interesting facts about peaches and the different types grown in Illinois.

Facts about strawberries

Farm Facts About Strawberries

Learn interesting statistics and facts about strawberries.

Nursery Industry in Illinois

Farm Focus: Nursery Sector

Illinois’ nursery sector contributes significantly to their economy.

Farm Focus: Turkey

Farm Focus: Turkey

Did you know Illinois farmers produce close to 3 million turkeys per year? Learn more facts about turkey.

Field Corn Facts

Farm Focus: Field Corn

Learn fun facts about Illinois’ top agricultural commodity – field corn.

Farm Facts: Melons

Farm Facts: Melons

Did you know that farmers in Illinois and Indiana grow more than 7,500 acres of watermelons? Learn more melon facts.

Baby Calf Facts

Learn baby calf facts, including how much they weigh at birth and how many are born in Illinois each year.

Farm Focus: Hay

Farm Focus: Hay

Get the facts on hay – and important Illinois crop for feeding livestock.

Garlic Farm Facts

Farm Focus: Garlic

Did you know that one of the most flavorful seasonings, garlic, is both a vegetable and an herb? Discover more fun facts and tips about garlic.


Farm Focus: Apples

Illinois’ official state fruit is the goldrush apple – a long-keeping, sweet and tart variety with a rich, spicy flavor. Read on for more apple fun facts.

Illinois Wineries, Shawnee Hills Wine Trail

Farm Focus: Wineries

Did you know Illinois is home to 91 wineries and 450 vineyards encompassing 1,115 acres of grapes across the state? Learn more about wine and wineries with these fun facts.

turkey facts

Turkey Trivia From Bird Brains to ‘Birdzilla’

An estimated 88 percent of Americans surveyed still serve turkey for Thanksgiving. But do you know your turkey, really? Chew on this turkey trivia.


Why Leaves Change Color in the Fall

How do they do that? How do leaves that have been green all summer transform to red, yellow, gold or orange in the autumn?


You’re a Real Peach: The Ripe Fruit Stars in These Fruity Recipes

August is National Peach Month. Celebrate with some vine-ripened facts, baking tips and our favorite peach recipes including Peach-Blackberry Short Cakes, Iced Summer Peaches, Peach Parfait and Bourbon-Peach BBQ Pork Chops

Pumpkins grow in a pumpkin patch

Farm Facts: Pumpkins

More than 1 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced in the the United States each year, and more than 495 million of those pounds are grown in Illinois. These are more facts about pumpkins.

The Spirit of Peoria Riverboat docked along the shore of the Illinois River at the base of the Murray Baker Bridge along the revitalized Peoria Riverfront District.

Fun Facts About Mississippi, Illinois Rivers

History and information on two of the state’s major waterways, the Mississippi and Illinois rivers.

Day-old chicks are kept under a heat lamp at Dennis and JoAnn Dickman's farm in Herscher, IL. According to the Dickmans, the pastured chickens mature faster a bigger than normal store-bought chickens.

Spring Chicken: Fun Facts About Chickens

Quick, fun facts about chickens and eggs.