Illinois Soybeans

Farm Focus: Soybeans

Did you know that Illinois ranks second in the nation for soybean production?


6 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid some common mistakes we gardeners make that result in a lot of extra work.

rosemary plants

Rosemary, a Versatile Winter Herb

Rosemary, a perennial evergreen shrub, can easily be grown in a home or garage during the winter months. The key is to make sure the area is cool and moist.

A Taste of History at Clinton’s Apple N’ Pork Festival

Smell the aroma of apple butter at the DeWitt County Museum Association’s Apple N’ Pork Festival.


Golconda, Illinois is Big on Shrimp

Enjoy a true taste of the South at the Golconda Shrimp Festival in September.

Farm Focus: Beef

Sure, corn is popular in Illinois, but did you know that in the Prairie State about 23 percent of farms raise beef cows? Beef up on other fun facts related to the largest segment of U.S. agriculture.

Big Bagel Bash in Mattoon

The small breakfast treat called “bagel” is recognized in a huge way each July at Bagelfest in Mattoon.

Field Corn and Sweet Corn: What’s the Difference?

Corn covers more of Illinois’ farmland than any other crop, yet you’ll need to find a backyard garden for some corn on the cob.

What Is Ethanol and Its Connection to Corn?

We all see the signs for ethanol at our gas pumps, but do you know how ethanol comes is made?

Cornfield in Illinois - September

Corn by the Numbers

Learn fun facts and farmer statistics about corn, such as the size of a bushel of corn.

Dinner Dilemma: Does “Dinnertime” Mean Supper or Lunch?

Is dinner served at noon or night? I say “not at all” at our house, where lunch and supper supersede to avoid the confusion of when dinner shall be served.

Corn Field

The Life Cycle of a Corn Plant

Follow the Illinois corn crop through the year from planting in spring to harvesting in fall and its uses beyond.

broccoli plants grow in a spring garden

When to Plant Springtime Vegetables

Learn what vegetables can be planted early in the season.

Q&A With and Illinois Farmer

Q&A With an Illinois Corn Farmer

Since Len Corzine began farming in 1974, the farm has reduced soil erosion, cut fertilizer use per bushel by half, and adopted satellite-guidance technology in its tractors to reduce fuel and chemical use.

Work dough and divide into three equal loaves.

Homemade Food Gifts are a Treat to Give and Receive

From kneading the silky dough to watching it rise before your eyes, making yeast breads – like those at Hodgson Mill – can be a satisfying experience.

Understanding Seed Catalogs

Here are three quick tips to help make sense of seed catalogs

Terry Lieb starting raising bison about 8 years ago when he bought his first bison for his farm in Monticello, Il. Since then, Lieb has grown his herd to about 20 bison and has converted 60 acres from his soybean fields into pasture for the enormous creatures that reach upwards of 2000 pounds.

See the Buffalo Roam at Illinois Bison Farm

Terry Lieb’s 3,400-acre corn and soybean farm in Piatt County is as modern as any in the state, with genetically modified crops, GPS mapping and other high-tech innovations.

How To Grow Herbs Indoors

To enjoy fresh herbs year-round, consider indoor herb gardening.

The Smokey Pig in Martinsville, VA, is said to have the best ribs in all of Martinsville.

Farm Focus: Pork

As the world’s most widely eaten meat, pork is something to celebrate – which may be why October is declared National Pork Month.

Container flower gardens contain "thrillers" or tall plants. "fillers" to fill the space and "spillers" to cascade out of the container. This pot uses Lillies, verbena and sedum.

Container Garden Excitement

When your only space is a deck or patio, container gardening is for you.

Raised bed gardens grow in popularity.

Raised Beds Grow in Popularity

Try building a raised-bed garden, which is simply a garden built on top of your native soil.

Wheat fields in Illinois

Wheat Fast Facts

Wheat has long been one of the most important crops in the world, with millions of acres devoted to wheat production.

Taste NC

3 Ways To Preserve Tomatoes

One of summer’s tastiest gifts is a basket of juicy ripe tomatoes fresh from the vine. With a day’s work and a little know-how, you can enjoy your bounty of summer tomatoes year-round.

Day-old chicks are kept under a heat lamp at Dennis and JoAnn Dickman's farm in Herscher, IL. According to the Dickmans, the pastured chickens mature faster a bigger than normal store-bought chickens.

Spring Chicken: Fun Facts About Chickens

Quick, fun facts about chickens and eggs.


Lasagna Gardening Layers It On Thick

Lasagna gardening is organic, earth-friendly and most importantly, incredibly easy.

sweet potatoes

Home-Grown Sweet Potatoes

Learn how to plant a sweet potato.

Chicago, Illinois Farmers Market

Chicago’s Many Farmers’ Markets Help You Eat Like a Locavore

Farmers’ markets encourage finding high-quality, fresh foods close to home. Chicago has 24 city-run farmers’ markets that operate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Life’s a Peach at Eckert’s Country Store

The sixth and seventh generations run Eckert’s Country Store and Farms in Belleville, the largest you-pick apple and peach orchard in the nation.


Say Hello to Heirloom Tomatoes

In recent years, heirloom versions have become quite popular among gardeners and tomato lovers alike.

Learn to taste wine properly

Sipping Like a Sommelier

Learn to taste wine properly.


Growing Asparagus Takes Patience

If you’re starting asparagus in your garden this year, remember that you’ll have to wait three years after planting for your first crop.


My Own Garden Masterpiece

Artistic skills bloom in the garden.


Farm Fresh: Winter Squash

When the weather gets cold and the traditional fruits of summer are out of season, winter squash can be a delicious and healthy option.

Ropp Jersey Cheese in Normal, Illinois

Ropp Jersey Cheese Breaks the Mold

McLean County’s Ropp family finds a niche with its artisan cheese business.


Compost: A Gardener’s Black Gold

Use what’s in your yard to create your own compost