WineCrisp Apples Are a New Illinois Variety

September 5, 2011

By admin

Winecrisp Apples are a new Illinois variety

WineCrisp, a newly developed variety of dessert apple, has been in the making for more than 20 years by plant breeders from three universities, Rutgers, Purdue and the University of Illinois. They created the variety through classic breeding techniques.

WineCrisp apples – named for their deep red color and crunch – ripen late in the season, in mid-October, and offer a unique flavor. In addition, these apples are resistant to apple scab, which is the No. 1 disease that growers use chemical fungicide sprays to kill.

While these apples aren’t available everywhere just yet, nurseries are beginning to apply for licenses to grow WineCrisp-bearing trees. It does take several years for orchards to grow new apple varieties, but once the trees are established, apples could be grown in as little as three years.

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