City Mom and Farm Mom

The City Mom and the Country Mom

A Chicagoan and a farmer find similarities in different places.

Mary Mackinson Faber

Dairy Farmer Dispels Misconceptions to Field Moms

Dairy farmer, Mary Mackinson Faber, invites moms from the city to her farm.

field moms pen pals

Pen Pals for Field Moms

Illinois Farm Families Field Moms are being paired with pen pal farmers this year.

Illinois Farm Families

2014 Illinois Farm Families Happenings

Check in on the 2014 Illinois Farm Families happenings.

Natasha Nicholes

Face Time With Farmers

Chicago moms get a close-up look at how their food grows through the Illinois Farm Families Field Moms program.

Diane Letson

Chicago Mom Sees the Power of Food

An Illinois Farm Families Field mom examines how food is raised during farm visits.

Illinois pigs

Illinois Pig Farmer Opens Conversation About Animal Care

Illinois pig farmer meets with Illinois Field Moms to allow them an inside look at hog production.

Illinois Field Moms

Illinois Farm Families Happenings: Field Moms’ Pig Pen

The Illinois Farm Families Field Moms experienced a pig adventure at a Lanark hog farm.

Schutz Farms

All in the Family for Schutz Farms

Schutz Farms supports six households through diversified venture.

Illinois Spangler Family

Farm and Family First for Spanglers

Spangler children learn life lessons growing up in agriculture.

Illinois Farm Families

Illinois Farm Families Happenings

Check out what is going on this spring with the Illinois Farm Families program.

Ron and Deb Moore

Illinois Farm Families Field Moms Get Soybeans in the Suburbs

Illinois Farm Families Field Moms learn about growing soybeans from a city girl-turned-farmer.

Sales of Field Moms’ Soybeans Benefit Charity

The nine Chicago-area moms chosen as “field moms” tried their hand at growing soybeans in 2012 and donated the profits to charity.

Illinois Farm Families Field Moms

Wanted: Field Moms for Illinois Farm Families

Sign up for Illinois Farm Families’ Field Moms program to learn more about Illinois agriculture and where your food comes from.

Pigs at Gould Farm in Maple Park, Illiniois

Pigs Receive Extra TLC at Gould Family Farm

Gould Family Farms, who participate in the Illinois Farm Families program, make sure to give their pigs extra love and care.

IFF/Watch Us Grow: Martz Farm (Beef Cattle)

Larson Family Farms Full Circle

At a family farm near Maple Park, the production pattern comes full circle. The crops feed the cattle, and the cattle feed the crops.

Linda Drendel feeds a calf at her dairy farm in Hampshire, Illinois

A Dairy Farmer Answers: Hormones, Antibiotics and Cow-Tipping

Dairy farmer Linda Drendel answers questions from Chicago-area moms about antibiotics and hormones in milk and how she cares for calves.


Suburban Moms Meet Farmers Through Illinois Farm Families Program

Through the field moms program, Chicago-area moms can take tours of farms and ask farmers questions about where their food comes from and food safety issues.

Illinois Farm Families Field Moms at Lindale Farms

Suburban Moms Tour Illinois Farms with Illinois Farm Families

Illinois Farm Families takes suburban moms onto Illinois farms to help them learn about the realities of farming.

Illinois Farm Families

Win Free Groceries for a Year!

“Farmers Feed Us” is a sweepstakes contest that runs through Oct. 2, giving away two grand prizes of free groceries for a year ($5,000).