City Moms Learn About Biotech City Moms Learn About Biotech

City Moms Learn About Biotech

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City Moms visit Monsanto

In May, Ellen Krasin of Bolingbrook joined other participants in the Illinois Farm Families City Moms program to visit the Monsanto research facility in St. Louis. “There is quite the social media buzz around Monsanto, and I couldn’t wait to check it out for myself,” she wrote in a blog post about the visit.

During the tour, scientists including a nutritionist, a toxicologist and an entomologist fielded questions about biotechnology, such as the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), health issues related to food, and how they determine and develop desired traits for specific crops. The day ended with two panels, one on science and the other featuring farmers discussing why they do – or do not – grow GMO crops.

“The great thing is that we, as consumers, have options,” Krasin concluded. “While I’m still figuring out my own comfort levels regarding GMOs, I appreciate Monsanto letting us come in, see what they are doing, and have an open discussion with them.” Read her post at, and learn more about the City Moms at

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