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Who Let the Walldogs Out?

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Photo credit: City of Olney/Walldog

The city of Olney is about to add a lot more color and history to its streets by way of 15 murals that will be painted in just a few short days. This summer, from June 17-21, a group of elite painters known as “The Walldogs” will descend upon the community of 9,000 people.

Once a year, hundreds of Walldogs decorate one lucky town with street art in their signature style, and in 2020, that lucky town is Olney. Approximately 150 artists from all over the world will flock to southern Illinois for this event, coming together to paint murals that will depict Olney’s history and give residents something to brag about for years to come. This event brings the whole community together – from the families who volunteer to put the artists up in their homes to youth who participate in the children’s mural to the people who volunteer with organization and setup (affectionately known as “Service Dogs”). To learn more or get involved in this exceptional event, visit olneywalldogs.com.

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