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“Cows I Have Known” Book

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Cows I Have Known

Anyone who has ever spent time on a farm knows about the challenges, successes and hard work that go into farming, but these days, more and more people have grown up away from agriculture. A book by Newton cattle farmer William Gillespie aims to share those stories of farm life with a nonfarming audience.

Gillespie chronicles these stories in his first book, “Cows I Have Known,” in which he recounts his own experiences of growing up on his family’s grain and beef cattle farm in Jasper County.

A fourth-generation farmhand, Gillespie includes stories of his favorite cows, lessons from the farm and how they extend beyond the pasture. His firsthand account will make readers laugh, cry and learn about life on a cattle farm.

You can purchase Gillespie’s book on Amazon.

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  1. Jill La Ballister says:

    On my grandparents farm as a young girl I can remember how distinctive each cow’s personality was

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