Debunk Farming Myths During Illinois Farming Month Debunk Farming Myths During Illinois Farming Month

Debunk Farming Myths During Illinois Farming Month

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Cow tipping and other farming myths

The Illinois Farm Bureau is hoping to debunk some common farming myths during March’s Illinois Farming Month.

Did you know cow tipping is a myth? If you’ve ever tried to sneak up on a sleeping, upright cow and push her over for fun, you’ll know the one problem with this common farming tall tale: Cow’s don’t sleep standing up. Even if you overcome her sheer size, good luck sneaking up on a fully-awake cow standing in a field.

Now this myth is a pretty harmless story, but other misconceptions about farming are more harmful to the agriculture industry. So, in honor of Illinois Farming Month, here’s the truth behind a few of these stories.

Myth: Farms are run by faceless corporations.
Truth: 94 percent of Illinois farms are family farms.

Myth: There are antibiotics in my milk.
Truth: There are no antibiotics in the milk you drink. If a cow is given medicine, she is milked separately and her milk is discarded. Milk is tested for antibiotics before it even leaves the milk truck. If the smallest trace is detected, the entire batch is thrown away.

Myth: The fat in corn-fed beef is bad for you.
Truth: The marbling in a steak is monounsaturated fat. It’s the same “good for you” fat as olive oil.

Myth: Grass-fed beef is healthier for you.
Truth: Yes, there’s a higher ratio of heart-healthy fats in grass-fed beef than in grain-fed beef. But why doesn’t your doctor tell you switch? Because the benefits aren’t significant enough.

Visit the farm bureau’s Farming For You website to learn more about agriculture issues that people are talking about. Sick of high gas prices? Learn about what plants farmers are growing that could be turned into fuel. What’s the truth about hormone-free chicken? How is today’s farmer different than farmers 50 years ago? You can watch videos about agriculture issues, meet farmers and find more myths to debunk.


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