Farm Products Found in Everyday Items Farm Products Found in Everyday Items

Farm Products Found in Everyday Items

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Colored Pencils

Did you know that farm products are found in a variety of everyday items? That’s right – agriculture isn’t just responsible for meat, milk and eggs. In fact, farm animals and plants contribute to many things Americans rely on or come into contact with nearly every day. From transportation necessities to musical instruments and everything in between, agriculture impacts our daily lives in ways many people may not realize. Farm products can be found in:

• Natural clothing materials

• Cold and allergy medicines

• Vitamins and mineral supplements

• Sporting goods, including baseballs and bats

• Plastic and rubber

• Household cleaners and polishes

• Fire extinguishers

• Photographic films

• School supplies, such as crayons and textbooks

• Instruments, including drums and pianos

• Construction materials

• Medical supplies, such as heart valves

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