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An Inspiring Autumn Berry

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Autumn Berry Inspired

Cranberries usually take center stage in the fall, but a new berry has come to the forefront – the autumn berry.

Dustin Kelly and his wife founded Autumn Berry Inspired in 2012 to promote the autumn berry, the small red fruit found on the autumn olive tree. The tree qualifies as an invasive species as it crowds out others, and when birds eat the tree’s berries, they spread seeds to other areas. Kelly came up with the idea of using the edible berries in other ways before the birds could eat them, helping to control the species.

The berries themselves have a sweet-tart flavor and pack a nutritional punch. In fact, one serving of autumn berries has 17 times the amount of lycopene found in one serving of tomatoes.

Autumn Berry Inspired offers fresh products made from the fruit, including jams, puree and fruit leather strips. They also partner with Chicago and central Illinois restaurants to offer the berry in new ways.

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  1. CATRYNA WHITE says:

    Where can you by seeds for this plant?

  2. Marilyn Leger says:

    DO NOT — I repeat DO NOT buy seeds, seeds or other material that will propagate this invasive plant. It is taking over our woodlands and right of ways. Because of this, it is forcing out native plants (many of which have delicious edible berries) that are essential to our local wildlife.
    Again please do not propagate this plant.

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