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Celebrate Football Season with a Fan-tastic Tailgate Menu

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Hey, sports fans! Grab your grill, stock your cooler and get ready to cheer on your team. Fall signals the official start of the tailgate season. Who can resist huddling around the stadium parking lot devouring cheeseburgers and slurping piping hot bowls of chili? While these traditional calorie-heavy favs may tempt hungry fans, healthy doesn’t have to take a knee. Illinois farmers offer a full roster of homegrown produce and products perfect for tailgating. I put together an all-star menu featuring a starting lineup of easy-to-eat and prepare tailgate recipes. You’ll score extra points because they deliver a winning combination: nutrition and flavor.

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Taco Dip Cups

Kick off your tailgate menu with Taco Dip Cups. Seven-layer dip may be a game day hit, but it’s way too messy. I recommend serving taco dip in clear cups with corn chips on the side. That way everyone can appreciate the beautiful layers. Not only does it look amazing, but your crowd will also find it easier to eat. I lightened up a classic recipe by using fat-free refried beans and sour cream. To simplify prep time, make your dip the night before and wrap each cup individually. Store them in the refrigerator then transfer them to an ice-packed cooler come game day.

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