Four Ways To Use Turkey Leftovers Four Ways To Use Turkey Leftovers

Four Ways To Use Turkey Leftovers

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Even when the holidays are over, the house guests are gone and your fine China is put away, food often remains left behind – particularly that huge turkey you thought your family and friends could somehow manage to eat in its entirety.

Packed away in the refrigerator or the freezer, your leftover meat is typically destined to stay there, taking up precious space, until eventually deemed unfit to eat and thrown away; because, really, how many turkey sandwiches can one consume?

Turkey Hash

However, your delicious holiday turkey leftovers do not have to go to waste; in fact, you can create fun, tasty dishes that are a far cry from a simple sandwich.

Turkey Pot Pie

If you’re craving a warm, savory meal, try out the turkey pot pie, perfect for dinnertime. An unusual breakfast idea is turkey hash, where you sauté the bird with potatoes and top it with a fried egg. Or, if something a bit lighter appeals to you, create a more inspired sandwich using toasted turkey, brie, green apple and red onion.

Turkey and Brie Sandwich

For another spin on the traditional sandwich, try a hot brown; these open-faced sandwiches, made with creamy, rich Béchamel sauce, are anything but typical. Eat these decadent creations with a fork, and savor each bite of warm, melted cheesy goodness.

Hot Brown Recipe

Are you hungry yet? Not to worry – we’ve provided detailed recipes on the following pages so you can make the most of your holiday leftovers, too. This leaves you with only one problem: What are you going to do with all of that empty fridge space?

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