Made in Illinois: Ray's Brand Chilli Made in Illinois: Ray's Brand Chilli

Made in Illinois: Ray’s Brand Chilli

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Ray's Brand Chilli

Meaty, spicy and delicious, Ray’s Brand Chilli has been enjoyed by Illinoisans for more than 90 years.

The business started in Springfield where it’s still headquartered today after Ray DeFrates began making and selling the “chilli” from a recipe his brother brought back from Texas. They decided to spell it with two L’s as a nod to Illinois.

Today, the canned comfort food can be found in select grocery stores across Illinois and 20 other states as well as online. It still uses the original recipe as well as a low-fat version and Coney Hot Dog Sauce. The company even developed a Ray’s Original Chilli seasoning for home cooks to make their own batch.

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