Fall Lawn Care Tips Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall Lawn Care Tips

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Fall leaves - lawn care

With leaves falling from the trees and the scenery losing its summer color, we don’t always think of fall as an important time for lawn care. But caring for your yard properly in the early fall will make it healthier when the grass begins to grow again in the spring. Here are some tips on lawn care this season:

Fertilize. Add fertilizer during the early fall to replace the nutrients that were lost over the warm summer months. This will stimulate the growth of new root systems during the dormant winter months, which will cause the grass to grow more thickly in the spring.

Control weeds. Dandelions and clover prepare for the winter months by pulling all of the nutrients from their leaves down into their roots. For this reason, autumn is an ideal time to use an herbicide because the poison will be drawn down into the roots along with the plant’s leafy nutrients.

Get rid of the dead leaves: It can seem like fighting a losing battle, but raking your lawn is important. Stacks of dead leaves will shield your grass from the sun and cause it to die fairly quickly. Moist dead leaves can also lead to diseases and mold that can be very harmful to your lawn. Clear the leaves away at least once a week for the best results.

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  1. SMITH says:

    Much obliged to you for the 7 great simple tips on grass mind in the fall. I hadn’t thought of proceeding to cut all through fall and up until winter. You’re correct however you need to ensure the grass gets a lot of daylight while remaining at a sound tallness to guarantee uniform care.

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