RFD Today's "Town & Country Partners" Radio Show - Illinois Farm Bureau Partners RFD Today's "Town & Country Partners" Radio Show - Illinois Farm Bureau Partners

RFD Today’s “Town & Country Partners” Radio Show

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Get your Partners fix in between issues by tuning in to “Town & Country Partners” on your radio, or stream it on our homepage.

Illinois Destinations

Find an archive of the radio show’s segment on Illinois Travel Destinations here.

The show, which launched in March 2013, airs Monday through Thursday at 2:30 p.m. central time. It features discussion on the farms, foods and finds featured in the magazine, such as an interview about the featured travel destination and a review of one of the seasonal recipes.

Residents in 16 communities can listen to the show on their local RFD Radio Network affiliates, listed below.

  • WKRO-AM 1490 Cairo – Alexander County
  • WBYS-AM 1560 Canton – Fulton County
  • WCAZ-AM 990 Carthage – Hancock County
  • RJM-AM 1270 Charleston – Coles County
  • WITY-AM 980 Danville – Vermillion County
  • WNOI-FM 103.9 Flora – Clay County
  • WEBQ-AM 1240 Harrisburg – Saline County
  • WQQW-AM 1510 Highland – Madison County
  • WHPO-FM 100.9 Hoopeston – Vermillion County
  • WJBM-AM 1480 Jerseyville – Jersey County
  • WKEI-AM 1450/104.3 Kewanee – Henry County
  • WRAM-AM 1330 Monmouth – Warren County
  • WVLN-AM 740 Olney – Richland County
  • WBBA-FM 97.5 Pittsfield – Pike County
  • WRHL-AM 1060 Rochelle – Ogle County
  • WHCO-AM 1230 Sparta – Randolph County

You  can also listen to past episodes online here:


  1. Barb Ely says:

    On Oct 29 2015 I was listening to WJBC in Bloomington IL and heard about a place in downstate Illinois that is a farm open to public that began as they remodeled the old barm on the property. But I don’t remember the name of the place or the town. Would like to go see it. Can you help? Thanks

  2. Mellanie Portz says:

    This morning listening on my local station WHCO, I heard my small neighboring town, TILDEN, recognized. Thank you for doing that. Small recognition for our town of 900 but I appreciated it!

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