Illinois Farm Families Happenings Illinois Farm Families Happenings

Illinois Farm Families Happenings

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Illinois Farm Families

Soybean Sales Benefit Charity

The nine Chicago-area moms chosen as “field moms” tried their hand at growing soybeans in 2012. They joined seasoned soybean growers Ron and Deb Moore of Roseville in Western Illinois in the endeavor by planting soybeans in pots in their suburban backyards. In addition, the Moores dedicated one acre of soybeans on their farm as the “Field Moms’ Acre.”

Most of the suburban soybeans did not survive the drought. The field moms learned some valuable lessons, sharing that this experience marked the first time they had thought about farmers during a hot, dry summer. (The 2012 drought was the worst in nearly 25 years.) In the fall, the Moores harvested the Field Moms’ Acre. The field moms donated the profits – about $300 – to the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry.

Follow the 2013 Field Moms

Illinois Farm Families has recruited a new class of field moms for 2013. In all, they’ll visit six farms that grow and raise a variety of food crops and livestock. Follow the field moms and learn about hot topics in food production and safety by visiting

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