Keeping Nutrients on Course With Conservation Keeping Nutrients on Course With Conservation

Keeping Fertilizer On Course

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Golf courses, soccer fields and other turfgrass areas receive a lot of foot traffic in the summer months. They also require a lot of maintenance to keep the grass pristine. But how do those turfgrass managers make sure the nutrients they add don’t run off into water sources?

With that thought in mind, the Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC) funded researchers from the University of Illinois and Illinois State University to create a guidebook on best management practices for lawn care professionals. The guide provides tips on the best ways to protect the environment, optimize nutrient inputs, maintain turfgrass quality and more.

Former Illinois Professional Lawn Care Association President Mark Utendorf says the guide gives lawn care professionals resources showing how to efficiently use fertilizers and minimize environmental impact. Learn more and download the guide at

Read more about what you can do to keep water clean here.

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