Easter Dinner Recipes Easter Dinner Recipes

Easter Dinner Recipes

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There are certain dishes that come to mind when you start planning out your Easter dinner. Ham seems like a given on most holiday tables. And then there are the traditional everybody-brings-a-dish potluck smorgasbord such as deviled eggs, potato salad and green beans. That’s a lot of deliciousness before we even get to the desserts.

So for your Easter dinner menu planning, consider these recipes – some of my favorite spring holiday dishes. From Coca-Cola Country Ham to potato salads, vegetables and pies, these recipes will please the whole family.

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Coca Cola Country Ham


Coca-Cola Country Ham

Ways to cook a country ham are as varied as the families that serve them. You can fry it, slice it, bake it, boil it in a bottle of Coca-Cola.  Easter is the perfect time to test out our Coca-Cola Country Ham recipe.

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